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Flexible unit

We are an English milsim unit. Our Operations are based in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other places! The operations are Zeus made missions but we also have auto-generated missions such as Dynamic Recon Ops and Liberation.


We are a semi-realistic unit and we are US Marines/Army based.
Two missions a week (Wed and Fri 18:00 CEST).


We in The Lost Battalion know that people have work or school to attend besides playing ArmA. If you can join at least one operation a month you are considered an active member in The Lost Battalion.

We have 3 servers running 24/7
One Operation Server, Training Server and Liberation Server

Current modpack

Meet our staff

TLB staff
W. Fosse

W. Fosse

CEO / Admin

Hi, I'm Fosse and one of the admins in TLB. I'm also the Zeus. My favorite game is Arma3 and I have over 1000 hours in it. I like to be Zeus or medic.

Y. Decoster

Y. Decoster


Hi I'm Yani but people call me Cube.
I am one of the staff members in TLB.
I'm currently the main engineer and EOD.
I'm also the creator of the TLB discord bot, so hit me up with ideas and bugs!

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Earlier Operations

Here are some of our earlier operations. Check out the operations page to find the modpacks or more info.
Operation Camouflage

Operation Camouflage

Norway, Telemark

Operation Camouflage was in south Norway.
Where US marines helped the Norwegians to get telemark back from the Russians

Operation Orange Hammer

Operation Orange Hammer


Operation Orange Hammer. was taking place in Takistan. Filled by rugged mountains and expansive sand deserts.

Operation November

Operation November

Federal Republic of Fapovo

Operation November is taking place in Fapovo. Federal Republic of Fapovo is a small 100km2 country divided to Fapovo region on SW and Botana on NE. Botana is a province of Sahrani.


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We are back

The TLB summer break is now over So our summer break are now over. And the missions will start again this week. Also we in the staff team is tiered of people saying they can’t Read more…

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If you need more information contact our staff on discord, mail or on steam.

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If you want to get help or information fast then contact staff on our discord server

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