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So many of you know that we started a poll a while ago.

Many people voted for 17:00 CEST and many people voted for 19:00 CEST

It ended at 7 votes on 17:00 CEST and 7 votes on 19:00 CEST

Therefore we made it so donators got a double vote witch made 19:00 CEST won.

17:00 CEST. 7 Votes.
18:00 CEST. 2 Votes.
19:00 CEST. 7 Votes.
20:00 CEST. 3 Votes.

Last checked 21:10

We also started a vote on what days members want to play and it ended up on Wednesday and Saturday. Atm, we have seen not many people like the new times there for if we see that the new days and times don’t work then we are going to move it back to the old setup.


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