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General rules

§1.1 Read the rules.
§1.2 Listen to staff.
§1.3 Listen to members ranked higher than you (Chain of command)
§1.4 Respect all members.
§1.5 Behave nicely.
§1.6 Have a working mic.
§1.7 React on the mission schedule ahead of time. You must unreact at least 30 min before op starts if you can’t join. Also pm Zeus for that mission.

Discord rules

§2.1 No @everyone/@here mentioning.
§2.2 No @mentioning spam.
§2.3 No asking to be granted roles/moderator roles.
§2.4 No sexually explicit content.
§2.5 No pornographic content.
§2.6 No NSFW content.
§2.7 No illegal content.
§2.8 No piracy.
§2.9 No swearing if people are streaming / recording.
§2.10 Behave nicely.
§2.11 No advertising for other servers/channels.
§2.12 No trolling.
§2.13 Use common sense.
§2.14 Show respect to your co-players!
§2.15 No ASMR.
§2.16 No screaming into your mic.


§3.1 Rule §2.3 to §2.16 is the same on TS.
§3.2 Use updated version of TS and ACRE2.


§4.1 Rule §2.3 to §2.16 is also in-game.
§4.2 Download modpack ahead of time and not when the operation starts.
§4.3 Follow chain of command.
§4.4 Listen when a staff member is talking in-game (Don’t ignore staff)
§4.5 Use only weapons that are allowed for that mission.
§4.6 Use the correct radio and frequency.
§4.7 Follow your squad lead and team lead.
§4.8 Don’t make stupid decisions.
§4.9 Don’t rush the enemy.
§4.10 Follow the mission rules.


§5.1 You need to be in the Arma 3 unit at all times.
§5.2 You need to be in the TLB steam group at all times.


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