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Hi TLB Members we had to end our last deployment after one-week cuz of lag. We have now started working on a new deployment. Operation Point Blank is taking place in lingor. We are still not sure what enemies we are going to fight but that is something Fosse is going to find out.


So since we had to end our last deployment so fast we don’t want our old fob to go to waste. Therefore all of our patrons are going to be able to download it. We are also uploading photos of our new fob on Patreon soon.


You may ask why Patreon? Well, tbh hosting multiple arma3 servers are not free and we also have TS3 servers and multiple webpages for both staff and members. Therefore we somehow need to pay for the upkeep of all of this and Patreon is the way you can help TLB and you also get something in return.

If you want to support TLB then check our Patreon out today

So what roles?

Some of you might want to know what roles you are going to have. Since our old deployment just lasted for one week. You are going to keep the old role that you had in Operation November.

Role list is here:

Ohh also did you know this webpage is new?

So did you know that this webpage is new? also if you want the link check this out

Yeep we also got SSL so all of your personal info is secure (Or is it?)


Did you know that we started a small Survey at the end of May.
If you haven’t filled it out then please do so. We need to know what you think and what we in TLB can improve. We have made a small survey and we hope you want to fill it out. Keep in mind that this is 100% anonymous and we don’t know who sent it in.

Check it out here:

Modpack update

We have also now released our new modpack for Operation Point Blank.

Here is the direct link:

Didn’t that work then test this one out


We in TLB are looking for one or two community members that want to post AAN news and content. AAN News, also known as AAN World News, is a news broadcasting company in ARMA3.

If you join as AAN Reporter then you will be able to post content in the aan-news channel in discord.

Direct link:

You will also be able to create AAN content for our youtube channel and Instagram. And one day you will also be able to post on our webpage.

TGA Will also be able to provide some programs if needed more info on that will be given.

Social media

So some of you guys know that we have an Instagram account where we post daily content.

Check it out here:

Our question is do you guys like what we post and what do you guys want to see? If you have any suggestions then please contact W.Fosse.


TLB Costers

Ohh I see you want one? Well, I’m gonna tell you how you can claim one. You have to join the $10+ tier on our Patreon and you are going to get it for free (Or you also have to pay $2 ish for shipping but common)

Why costers? Well, why not.

Okay so what now?

So I think this is enough info for today. And if you actually read all of this then I have one thing to say WOW

W. Fosse OUT


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