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The TLB summer break is now over

So our summer break are now over. And the missions will start again this week. Also we in the staff team is tiered of people saying they can’t join when the mission starts, cuz they have work or need to eat but just cuz the mission starts 18:00 doesn’t mean the deadline to join is 18:00. If you can join 19:00 then that is also okay yes you won’t get the beefing but your team can brief you tho. Just cuz you are late doesn’t mean you you can’t join us and have fun. Our operation server opens 17:00 each operation day and it closes when the mission is done. That means that you can hop on when you have time. Just cuz you are 20 min late don’t mean the team doesn’t need you. Hope you guys know what we mean.

Domain update

Also from now on when you want to connect to the Arma3 servers then you need to use not

The reason for this is that we have changed, our proxy servers to Cloudflare and not our private ones. This will not change that much but the web assets might be a bit faster and more secure.